ULT has developed a dedicated version of the LAS 800 extraction system free of ignition sources to increase explosion and fire protection during laser dust extraction.

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Fume extraction vendor ULT presents a new system control, integrated in the company's large-scale systems.

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ULT offers its updated app, a calculator for determining air speed in pipelines at certain volume flows. The app, compatible with the latest iOS version 14.7.x., is available for download free of charge from the Apple App Store from now on.

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ULT introduces air cleaning system with a high degree in modularity and extensive safety features.

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ULT LLC provides extraction and filtration systems that are principally able to separate viruses through the utilization of particle filters.

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The ACD 1200 extraction and filtration system from ULT esustainably eliminates vapors, gases and odors during gluing processes.

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New network AMP+ guarantees efficiency, sustainability and occupational safety in the SLM process

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ULT AG introduces another mobile soldering fume extraction solution for small and medium air pollutant quantities. The LRA 160.1 air cleaning solution has been transferred into the design of the new system generation ULT 160.1.

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The ASD 200.1 system is the latest member of ULT’s recently introduced device generation ULT 200.1. The compact and mobile dust extraction system’s benefits are high filtration performance, economic and low-noise operation, as well as a specifically developed comprehensive accessory set.

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The LAS 200.1 laser fume extractor is the latest member of ULT’s new product generation ULT 200.1. The compact, mobile system scores highly through a new filtration concept that significantly increases pollutant separation efficiency.

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