striving for innovation         Striving for innovation through constant research and developmentWe are a family-owned, medium sized manufacturer of cutting edge extraction and filtration systems for industrial applications. Our ongoing success is based on permanently striving for innovation. We are deeply involved with well-known institutes worldwide in the field of Research and Development, and together we tackle questions on the future extraction and filtration needs of tomorrow’s technologies.

We are experts in the filtration of airborne hazardous substances, aimed at preventing negative effects to human health and product quality. Our defined aim is to contribute a benefit to our customer´s business. We commit ourselves to social, human and environmental considerations. We treat all people with respect, regardless of color, religion, origin, gender, sexual and/or political orientation.  



Our customers’ success and satisfaction is fuel to our engine. We join up for long-term partnerships, focusing on proper solutions in fume extraction, in order to contribute value and benefit to our partners’ businesses. We appreciate openness and fairness, being totally aware that our success is based on our customers’ prosperity.


Partners in sales

teamwork Supporting our customers in any wayOutsourcing sales activities is all about trust – both ways. We trust in our partners in sales, supporting them in any way, to ensure reaching the bilaterally set goals. We treat them respectfully, knowing that entrepreneurial freedom is major key to their success.

Objective criticism is a positive thing, that´s why we encourage our sales partners to confront us with anything worth being improved. It is our claim to be the best and most reliable fume extraction vendor on their line card. Fair commissions and prices, product trainings, tailored marketing, future driven product development and an “easy to work with” attitude is our share to successful corporation.



We are a reliable and predictable employer, always focusing on corporation and management by inclusion. We encourage our employees to make the most of their skills and support them in working on their personal and professional potentials. We foster individual development by any appropriate actions, and we for sure know, that every team member is unique and valuable. We win as a team and we improve as a team.

We are responsible for our employees and so are we, in a certain way, for their families alike. We know that a likeable and reliable working environment is essential to both, professional performance on top-notch level and a balanced personal life.


Suppliers, service partners, and friends

Being successful is not only a matter of having outstanding players. One needs to have outstanding partners as well. We appreciate corporation with our suppliers, service partners and friends all over North America and worldwide.


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