Do you utilize an automated soldering system or execute hand soldering, and necessarily look for a fume extractor that meets the requirements of your processes and on-site situations?

Our LRA equipment series provides a wide range of solutions for soldering fume extraction – for  manual work places as well as automated and semi-automated production processes.


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The importance of soldering fume extraction

Depending on areas of application of the finished assembly and requirements of the components, various soldering alloys and flux agents are considered. During the soldering process, large parts of the flux agent and a small portion of the solder will evaporate. The emerging aerosols and particles could be released into ambient air. The released airborne pollutants can lead to serious medical conditions. Particularly dangerous substances are aldehydes, which emerge from materials containing colophony; some of them possibly being carcinogenic. In addition, gases are released from coatings, adhesives, or substrates during heating of the assembly.

These gases and vapors also transport sticky aerosols, which build up in the soldering machines or – even worse – on the products and contaminate them. This leads to increased cleaning and maintenance costs, and the operability of the plant can be impaired. In addition, the manufactured products may even be corroded by the contaminations, which could affect functionality and quality.

In order to eliminate developing air pollutants to be found in solder fume, it is not sufficient to provide for only good ventilation in the manufacturing environment. The use of efficient fume extraction technology is mandatory.

The variety of the available air purification systems is high. The selection of the appropriate solution depends on type and volume of pollution, the sort of utilization (automated, semi-automated or manual production), and on mobility as well as flexibility.

State of the art extraction and filtration units for solder fume achieve such a high cleaning rate for the processing air that the cleaned air can even be re-circulated into the work area.


We would like to support you in selecting the best suitable soldering fume extraction system. It is up to you - you are welcome to contact us.

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