Mobile fume evacuator - quiet and versatile for clean air at any workplace

This small is huge - the ULT JUMBO Filtertrolley 2.0.

The JUMBO Filtertrolley is unique, efficiently removing airborne substances in an extremely quiet manner.

Featuring different kinds of filter set-ups and capturing elements, the JUMBO mobile fume extractor can easily be adjusted to multiple applications. The JUMBO Filtertrolley is being used for the removal of fine dusts, medical laser fume, soldering smoke, odors, solvents, vapors, and alike - all over the world.


Benefits of the JUMBO Filtertrolley mobile extraction unit:

extraction system jumbo lra thumb

Extremely quiet
Operating at less than 48 dB.


extraction system jumbo lra thumb

Handy and compact
High maneuverability for easy change of position.


extraction system jumbo lra thumb

Functional design
The JUMBO Filtertrolley can be operated either upright or horizontal, easily fitting under a bench.


extraction system jumbo lra thumb

Easy to operate
One mobile fume extractor fits all – tackling multiple applications by just applying specific filters. Electronic air flow control and filter monitoring for convenient operations.


extraction system jumbo lra thumb

For efficient fume extraction
A broad variety of capturing elements and extraction arms guarantee best filtration rate – anytime.



Brochure download

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We provide specifically developed variants of the JUMBO Filtertrolley for special applications


If you wish additional information on our mobile fume evacuators, you are welcome to contact us.

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