ULT AG introduces the LAS 300.81-HFM054, an ATEX certified extraction and filtration unit with H class filtration that is suited for the removal of combustible dusts.

The unit is classified as a dust extractor according to filter class H, corresponding to dust technical approval tests and meeting DIN EN 60335-2-69. The system is perfectly suited for extraction and filtration of dry dust particles with TLV < 0.1 mg/m³ (Threshold Limit Value) as well as carcinogenic emissions.

Laser fume extraction system LAS 300.81 HFM054Additionally, the LAS 300.81-HFM 054 is an extraction and filtration system for combustible dusts according to dust explosion category 1 and explosive dust-air mixtures that are neither self-ignitable nor pyrophoric. The Ex unit of group II, category 1D is compliant with ATEX directive 94/9/EG.

The unit has been developed for extraction and filtration of dry dusts that occur during laser processing such as cutting, engraving or structuring. The LAS 300 series system features a combination of cartridge and storage filters. The filter elements’ material ensures an efficient separation of various particulate matters.

The system’s main filtration module consists of two class M cartridge filters with optional Teflon coating, which are jet stream cleaned at regular intervals. The pneumatic dedusting guarantees an extremely high endurance of the main filter. A HEPA filter H14 is utilised as a secondary filter, ensuring a separation rate significantly higher than 99.995%.

The stationary extraction and filtration unit is equipped with stepless volume flow control, filter condition indicator and interface for control by means of external systems. It complies with statutory dust limits, efficiently protecting employees, systems and products from air-borne pollutants that occur in material processing through laser technology.


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