Sophisticated modular concept enables industrial dehumidification now for extremely low dew points. 

Following the introduction of the industrial high-performance dehumidifier ULT Dry-Tec®, ULT AG has developed a completely new modular solution for extremely dry process air. Depending on the process, the new concept helps to achieve dew point temperatures down to -65 °C / -85 °F (dp). Additionally, users are able to select volume flow rates from 500 to 7,500 m³/h.

ULT Dry-Tec modular conceptThe ULT Dry-Tec® product line contains basic modules such as the sorption module ULT Dry-Tec (center in image), used for adsorption and desorption within the system, as well as the precooler module ULT Cool-TecV (left side in image) and the aftercooler module ULT Cool-Tec(right side in image). The precooler and aftercooler modules can optionally be equipped with various filtration elements of respective filter classes (G, F, M and H). In addition to achieving required low relative humidity, a nearly particle-free process air flow at entry and exit of the module system can be provided.

By means of an optimised and highly efficient air flow concept through the inner drying module, sorption system operation with extremely low internal pressure loss is possible. The modular dehumidification concept includes energy-efficient and adjustable ventilators for process air flow and regeneration air flow. Optionally, an integrated heat recovery within the desorption circle of the regeneration volume flow is available.

Due to their compact design and the modular assembly of the overall system, the modules can be easily transported or brought into production facilities.

The new module concept is rotation sorption process based. The slow turning honeycombed structured sorption rotor is completely coated with an highly active silicate ziolit compound. Additional special adsorption material compounds, e.g. for extremely low dew point temperatures, are available.

Moreover, the modular air drying system from ULT AG is available in stainless steel housing.

Particularly, in food production, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as various production processes of LI-ion battery manufacturing or electronics industry, there are increasing demands in terms of constant process air dryness.


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