ULT AG introduces the JUMBO Elephant, a brand-new system for efficient surface cleaning of electrically charged particles, for example on electronic assemblies.

It combines ionisation, compressed air cleaning, extraction and filtration technologies in one system.

The active ionisation neutralises surface charges, which helps to release firmly adhering dust, chips and other particles.

JUMBO ElephantAn integrated compressed air nozzle helps to remove also finest particles from wells or indentations. The stirred up particles are safely exhausted and filtered. Because of a very high filtration rate nearly particle-free purified air can be fed back to the working area.

The JUMBO Elephant is a small and portable device, particularly designed for manual workplaces. In addition to excellent ergonomics and handling, it provides a low noise level (max. 49 dB) and high economic efficiency, as the filter units can be exchanged individually. Furthermore, the unit saves compressed air, which is only released via sensors when required.

For ideal component safety and extraordinary extraction effects, the mounted extraction hose is equipped with a circular brush – an ‘elephant’s trunk’ by virtue of its flexibility and design.

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