ULT AG has extended the functional scope of its extraction and filtration device the JUMBO Filtertrolley 2.0 LabCat for applications in chemical, pharmaceutic and medical laboratories.

Primary focus was placed on variable utilisation of various alternative filtration systems.

JUMBO Filtertrolley 2.0 LabCatThe extraction and filtration unit for dusts, gases and odours, now provides further filtration packages to meet individual application demands even more precisely. In addition to standard utilisations of G4, M5 and H13 filters, as well as activated carbon, various other application scenarios are now supported.

One new feature is the opportunity to utilise chemisorption filters, extending the range of vapours and odours to be filtered. Moreover, the JUMBO LabCat can be applied exclusively with activated carbon or chemisorption filters for applications without necessary particle filtration.
On request, experienced sales engineers help select the appropriate configuration in accordance with individual applications.

The extended solution range significantly increases the JUMBO LabCat’s application range, i.e. laboratory technicians gain more efficient protection from hazardous airborne substances. This increase in the application range extends ULT’s profile and commitment to this industry sector.

The JUMBO LabCat extraction and filtration system has been designed for changing work sites and applications where there is a lack of space.  In addition to its high flexibility, the unit provides low-noise operation and can be equipped with suction arms and extraction elements for precise capturing of hazardous substances directly at their point of origin. Long filter running times, contamination-free filter exchange, high suction capacity and simple handling, guarantee efficient air purification and removal of coarse and fine dusts as well as vapours and dangerous gases.

More information and technical specifications on JUMBO LacbCat