ULT introduces air cleaning system with a high degree in modularity and extensive safety features.

Presenting the LAS 800, ULT is advancing into new dimensions in the field of air pollution control within industrial laser processes.

ult las 800 laser fume extractorThe laser fume extractor LAS 800 was developed for the removal of large amounts of the finest dusts and gases, occurring during laser processing of metals, plastics, and other non-metallic materials. The device is currently one of quietest systems in its class, which also scores with its compact, robust, and flexible design.

The standard equipment is a cartridge filter system with a 30-l dust container. The utilized four filter cartridges of filter class M are compliant with DIN EN ISO 16890 and guarantee a long filter life, as well as simple assembly and maintenance options.

The LAS 800 provides a multitude of options. They provide previously unimagined opportunities to flexibly configure the extraction system for changing processes and materials. On the one hand, there are several post-filter options, including the addition of fine dust filters (H-14) or safety filters which can be installed if necessary. There is also the option of utilizing sorption filters (activated carbon and/or chemisorption) to bind any odors or gases.

On the other hand, extensive safety options are provided in the LAS 800, which guarantee safe use with combustible dusts. These include, among many others, a spark pre-separator, spark stop with automatic suction stop and shut-off damper, safety shutdown when the H-14 filter is occupied, or a temperature sensor built into the raw gas space.

Finally, there is the option of connecting a metering unit with a filter aid to optimize the filtration of fine and sticky dusts.

Sensors for the fill level in the dust collector or for monitoring the compressed air, as well as options for connection to modern and promising bus communication platforms or the use of a recirculating air silencer round off the various user advantages of the fume extraction system.

Additional device versions are being planned or will be further developed in close cooperation with customers.


More detailed information on the LAS 800 laser fume extractor


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