The ASD 200.1 system is the latest member of ULT’s recently introduced device generation ULT 200.1. The compact and mobile dust extraction system’s benefits are high filtration performance, economic and low-noise operation, as well as a specifically developed comprehensive accessory set.

ult dust extractor asd 200 1Dust extractor ASD 200.1In production processes, in which powder materials are processed or materials are sawed, milled or ground, dust often contaminates the working area. In addition, mechanical processes may generate smoke by heating the processed materials. Dust and smoke are harmful to health and affect the quality of production processes.

As a solution to this problem, there are two ASD 200.1 device variants featuring different filter concepts: a panel filter and a pocket filter version for coarse and fine dusts, respectively.

The utilization of high-class H14 filters (HEPA) according to Standard DIN EN 1822 enables for a 99.995% separation rate.  Filtered clean gas can be fed back to the working environment (re-circulated air operation), avoiding heat losses.

The ASD 200.1 unit can be combined with various capturing elements, such as extraction arms or hoses/tubes (DN 50, 75, 80), enabling pollutant removal at up to four individual workplaces.

The specially developed ecoflow CS™ technology increases or reduces the system’s extraction performance automatically, depending on the number of suction points. Thanks to this integrated vacuum stabilization feature, the ASD 200.1 unit’s extraction performance is adaptable flexibly to the required pollutant capturing.

A particular advantage is the extensive set of original accessories, e.g. foot switch for ON/OFF,  suction tubes of various lengths, hose elements, sleeves, reducers, or a bracket for extraction arm installation directly on the system.

The sophisticated range was particularly developed for the ULT 200.1 device series. Hence, users save valuable time in the search for accessories and their adaptations to individual pollutant capturing situations. On request, ULT’s qualified experts can take charge of onsite-installations.


Please find more information on the mobile dust extractor ASD 200.1


Benefits and features of the new ULT 200.1 fume extractor series














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