Automated control for the  Airtower welding fume extractor based on particle concentration.


ULT recently introduced the all-new AirQuality Sensor. The sensor is constantly monitoring the concentration of particles on the shop floor at 12’ height, adjusting power of the Airtower welding fume extractor according to the workload.


air quality sensor supporting welding fume extractionThe all-new, light-based sensor detects concentration of particles between 0 und 28 µg/cft, for particles from 0,1 µm und 100 µm. A special visible gauge displays the contamination from green to red for reference purposes.


With a concentration of higher than 5%, the Airtower will power up automatically. When the concentration is below 5% for more than 20% the Airtower automatically enters in to stand-by-mode, saving on power consumption. 


The hard-wired AirQuality Sensor provides data to the intelligent over-drive control of the Airtower, adjusting power as needed. A WiFi based connection is available on request.


The particle sensor within the AirQuality Sensor unit is easily replaceable, guaranteeing durability of the entire set-up and reducing costs for maintenance.


The all-new AirQuality Sensor is supporting all variants of the Airtower, from 3,000 to 11,800 cfm. The sensor works within a range from 14° Fahrenheit to 122° Fahrenheit.


With less than 75 dB(A)m the  Airtower welding fume extractor is one of the most noiseless units in the market. The system utilizes the layer ventilation principle, named the best way of air circulation for welding shop floors. Furthermore, no ducts, nor expensive installations are required. 


Please find more about the ULT Airtower for welding fume extraction


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