ULT LLC now introduces the most efficient solution for welding fume extraction and filtration: The ULT Airtower.

ULT AirtowerCompanies and employees executing welding operations on a daily basis know the problem: hazardous welding fume is generated, which may harm people, systems and products.

The welding fume extractor is based on the layer ventilation principle, currently the ideal method for air circulation.  Contaminated air is aspirated, filtered and then discharged as clean breathable air at ground level with no air drafts. The ULT Airtower provides an extremely high filtration degree of >99.9%. .

Purified air is fed back into the working environment, i.e. it can be used for production hall heating, which may lead to a significant heating cost reduction of several thousands of dollars per year.

Additionally, specifically developed incident flow technologies of the filter cartridges and the utilization of special ventilators with integrated controllers enable considerable power consumption reductions. Further energy savings are made possible by a fully automated cartridge filter cleaning technology.

Compared to other solutions, the ULT Airtower is extremely quiet. Hence, the system is one of the lowest noise and energy efficient fume extraction solutions worldwide.

The welding fume extractor is available in four different variants from 2,950 to 11,700 cfm (5,000 to 20,000 m³/h) air volume for efficient cleaning of about 247,000 cft (7.000 m³) volume.

The system works according to the “plug and play” principle – unlike classic hall extraction systems, expensive pipeline systems are omitted.


More detailed information on the ULT Airtower


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