This is who we are

Welcome to ULT, dear visitor. This short video will give an overview about our company, our values and goals:














In the beginning

A long way back in 1994, a skilled middle-aged engineer had recognized that only he can best implement his ideas within his own enterprise. That's how things started out for many medium-sized German enterprises of international reputation at that time. Thus, Dr Christian Jakschik, equipped with excellent experience and a unique vision, set up his own business in Loebau/Germany. It has come a long and successful way since then.


Prosperity and growth

award winners Award winners: Dr Christian Jakschik, Dr Stefan Jakschik and Alexander Jakschik (from left to right)Running his engineering company, he was driven by a vision to provide cutting edge extraction and filtration equipment to the metal and electronics industries

Based on experience gained in solving individual tasks, he developed a range of his own extraction and filtration units, opening up new opportunities in the field of industrial and commercial filtration. ULT was soon known as the guys to go to, when filtration issues were essential – even if the mission seemed to be almost impossible.



More than two decades later, Dr. Christian Jakschik is proud of what is now a multimillion-dollar enterprise, and employer to a highly skilled team of more than 120 people. To keep the outstanding drive alive, he handed over business to both his sons Dr. Stefan Jakschik and Alexander Jakschik in 2015 and stepped back into the supervisory board.


In 2016, the board of executives decided to enter the North American market through a sister company. This strategic decision has been a tremendous investment towards global leadership and will contribute benefit to both the prosperity of ULT AG Germany and to our North American customers in need of top-notch service and cutting edge filtration technology.

ULT's North American branches are located in Greater Milwaukee, WI/USA and Vancouver/CAN. Together with our representatives in North America we are serving Germany’s best extraction and filtration equipment to North American customers – we have our heading: “FORWARD”.


ult staff in germanyULT staffWe have always been committed to offer excellent conditions for a family-friendly working environment, in Germany as well as in North America. We attract our employees through competitive wages, paid vacation, and the understanding, that a happy and healthy family is the root for a balanced life. We support young talented employees to make the most of their skills and focus on management by inclusion. We know that success is a team matter, focused on one common goal.    

We will continue the story of success, and therefore, we have to cherish our past and must never forget where we have been coming from. We must be aware of what is needed by our customers and partners, and what will be needed in the future. We have to, and for sure we will, remain earthy, reliable, fair, determined, and open-hearted.


Dr Christian Jakschik                       Dr Stefan Jakschik                       Alexander Jakschik